Nicholas M. Patrikalakis

Principal Investigator

Professor Patrikalakis is the Principal Investigator of the WAVES Lab. He is a Kawasaki Professor of Engineering in the department of Mechanical and Ocean Engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He is also the Co-Director, Design Laboratory of MIT. His research interests are Robotics and Sensing, Dynamic Data-Driven Forecasting Systems, Computer-Aided Design, Visualization.

Tawfiq Taher

Senior Research Manager

Tawfiq Taher is the Senior Research Manager at the Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology Centre (SMART) under the Center for Environmental Sensing and Modeling (CENSAM) interdisciplinary research group. He has received his M.Sc. from the School of Electrical and Electronics Engineering at the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Prior to joining CENSAM in 2009, Tawfiq Taher has worked in the Power, Automation and Control industry in Dubai, U.A.E. and in Automation and Control Solutions, Honeywell, Singapore.

Tony Varghese

Research Engineer

Tony Varghese is a Research Engineer at Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology Centre (SMART) under the Center for Environmental Sensing and Modeling (CENSAM) interdisciplinary research group since 2010. Before joining SMART, he worked as a Technical Specialist in the field of assembling/testing of wire bonding machines for semiconductor industry. He has completed his Diploma in Mechatronics at Temasek Polytechnic followed by Bachelor in Electronics from National University of Singapore. Apart from professional life, he is a Division 3 Cricket player registered under Singapore Cricket Association (SCA) club league.

Vinothkumar Viswanathan

Research Engineer

vinoth_potrait_02-copyVinothkumar Viswanathan completed his Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering from Anna University, India in 2008 and worked with Ericsson India Pte Ltd for two years on implementing Charging System 6.0 in Mobile Intelligent Networks infrastructure. He graduated from National University of Singapore with Master’s in Electrical Engineering specializing in Automation and Control in 2012. Upon graduation, He joined Electrical Machines and Drives lab under Dr. Sanjib Kumar Panda as Research Engineer, collaborating with DSO laboratories, Singapore on a research project to investigate and develop biomimetic robotic fish propulsion system for underwater vehicles. His research interests are system design, dynamics formulation, under-actuated robotics, biomimetic actuators and sensors and hardware design. After joining SMART in 2014 as a Research Engineer, He has worked on multiple projects including adaptation of batoid-fin propulsion to AUVs with Dr. Pablo Valdivia. Currently, he is working with Mr. Tawfiq Taher on developing and deploying autonomous profiling floats for shallow water monitoring in coastal regions as part of Research Initiative programme.

Jiang Hongchuan

Research Engineer

img_0489-2Hongchuan is a research engineer at CENSAM. Before joining CESNAM he has been working at Continental Automotive Singapore as a software engineer. He studied electrical engineering at NUS for his bachelor degree. He’s currently working on the projects related to embedded system, electronic design and prototyping and software development. He enjoys various sports like jogging and cycling.

Snehal Jain

Research Engineer

Snehal Jain joined Waves Lab as a Research Engineer in 2015. He completed his Bachelor’s degree from the Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences with a bachelors thesis in development of Micro Aerial Vehicles from IIT Kanpur. His interests lie in the field of design, dynamics and control of autonomous robots. His current focus is on computationally inexpensive SLAM algorithms, ROS and autonomous navigation for marine and aerial robots.

Lee Wei Xiong Ryan

Research Engineer

img_0487-3Ryan Lee joined Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology as a Research Engineer at WavesLab under the Centre for Environmental Sensing and Modelling (CENSAM) interdisciplinary research group. He received BEng(Hons) in Aerospace Systems of University of Glasgow from Singapore Institute of Technology. Current interests lie in design and implementation of autonomous robotics.


Past Staff

Anthony Yeo
Gabriel Weymouth
Hanna Kurniawati
Pablo Valdivia y Alvarado
Karthik Srivatsa
Rubaina Khan
Sriharsha Bhat
Sultan Imenov
Tirthankar Bandyopadhyay